In the mood for noods

Social Media

Citibank Australia

The Brief

On a night out looking for a great bite to catch, customers are hardly likely to be thinking of their bank. Between navigating long lines and finding a spot to enjoy their food, there’s more than plenty on their plates.

So how do we go about telling customers that Citi is here to make your Night Noodle Markets experience even better?


what we did

When visiting the Night Noodle Markets, the goal is to try out the food at as many stalls as possible, catch up with friends over a cold one, and generally soak in the vibe. Here we found lies a great opportunity for Citi to be part of memorable dining experience.

Working off the brand proposition that Citi products make people feel good about modern life, we came up with a creative approach guided by the insightful humour and observational storytelling brand pillars.

The aim was for a colourful and fun breakaway from the usual social templates; connecting with the target audience on relatable dine-out moments while entertaining them with food puns and noodly type treatment.



For the Sydney edition, we looked into socials as well as created a few ambient graphics for the event itself. The Melbourne edition saw the same social posts and packaging design for a limited edition Night Noodle Markets gift, exclusive to the first 200 Citi cardholders who signed up.

Other work