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Creative Production

Sephora – Asia Pacific

The Brief

Sephora runs a large number of campaigns across the different APAC markets, as well as large region-driven campaigns for key shopping days like Black Friday, Chinese New Year, Christmas, and their most exciting Beauty Pass Sale.

This meant multiple campaigns & definite deadlines, as sales are timed to the day (or hour in some cases), as well as learning market nuances, as well as being adept with current Make-up & Skincare trends to reduce any friction during the onboarding phase.


what we did

In order to deliver high quality, high volume, creatives to be used across the brand’s owned and paid media channels, we used a multi-pronged approach to the set up, using a combination of existing senior resources as well as integrating a brand new team to service the specific requirements from Sephora.

We leverage our experience of running offshore creative production for large global brands to put workflows in place that dovetailed seamlessly with Sephora’s internal workflows to ensure there was limited dropoff during the handover from the previous vendor. 

The process is set up in a way that all requests have a 3 week delivery timeline, with a campaign queue system in place. Additionally, all these regions have dedicated people in charge, to assist the client, as well as the internal stakeholders to help see all campaigns to closure. 

This helped streamline the overall job’s lifecycle and ensured that the deliveries were on time, or better yet, before time. 

Other Work